Ninety-Five Reasons for Becoming or Remaining Catholic

            During the eighteen years that I was a Presbyterian pastor, so many reasons came to my attention for the Catholic Church being the best and the true Church that I had to convert in mid-career. My conscience demanded this change. Later I recognized it to be necessary to preserve my sense of pastoral integrity and to avoid spiritual death. Let me share with you the ninety-five reasons which I identified for becoming, or remaining Catholic. They demonstrate that the Catholic Church:

  1. Is the most accurately Biblical of all Christian groups
  2. Is the most intellectually honest and the  most historically accurate
  3. Exhibits an excellent, practical environment for ministry
  4. Maintains the deepest, most profound spirituality
  5. Most truly represents the essentials of sin  and salvation
  6. Has the most coherent doctrine concerning sex, marriage and the family
  7. Puts it all together in the Mass, the celebration of the Eucharist.
These reasons as a whole exhibit a compelling vision for a whole-hearted, full time commitment to the service of Christ in the Roman Catholic Church, either for single or those who are married, for clergy, religious, or laity. Furthermore, such involvement is the key not only to personal spiritual growth, but to the health and stability of the entire social order.

copyright Paul R. Key 1998
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